Sunday, January 04, 2009

You know how I said that Billy's bug was a 24 hour bug? I was wrong, very wrong. He was fine all morning then power chucked as I got him out of the bath. Followed by the worst case of the runs I have ever seen - all over the couch. Christopher spent most of the day laying across my chest and Beloved started vomiting at about 4am. Pray for us please!

Dear Lord,

Please keep me well enough to watch over my family. If I must succumb to this bug, I pray that it will NOT kick start labour. If it must, I pray that I get it LAST. I pray also that Beloved's dose will be mild, not like the last tummy bug he got that lasted over a year in its effects. Thank you for the family and friends who are chipping in to take care of us. Thank you that this is happening BEFORE Bub is born. Thank you for Your strength, wisdom and compassion. And Lord - HELP! Thank you that with your help, I can laugh at the days to come, even when they potentially hold so many challenges. Bring healing to my family Lord.


Also, can you please remember my Big Brother in your prayers? He got hauled off to Hospital on Saturday with SEVERE back pain. He is also amidst some personal "stuff" that doesn't make things easier!

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