Monday, January 05, 2009

Define Friends

WARNING: I will not be held responsible for any covetous feelings inspired by this post. I'm just blessed is all.

Friends: People who choose to spend part of their holiday living in a tent in the back yard with two toddlers and a pregnant belly while helping you renovate, voluntarily ripping down old horsehair plaster. People who choose to stay around when the vomiting starts even though it is only about two or three weeks since their own Gastric Nightmare because they want to help out. People who continue to renovate, hang out washing, run various errands, drive Beloved to hospital to be put on a drip because he is so ill etc. when they are meant to be on HOLIDAY. People who only leave when they know help will arrive that night in the form of my dear Mama!

Thanks guys!

Beloved spent a few hours getting saline and drugs at hospital yesterday. He wasn't actually admitted but it was well worth him going because the bug hit him pretty badly.

No vomit from the boys but lots of "south end action" and Christopher brings new meaning to the word "clingy". Christopher was/is attached to me when not sleeping meaning I must sit here and blog *sigh* the sacrifices we mothers make!

Erin is just a bit (lot) jelous of the attention the sickies are getting and is a little miffed she isn't getting icy poles in bed!

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Momma Bug said...

Oh BOY do I relate! Thankfully we did not have the vomit thing going on - that is the worst in my opinion.

I'm kinda glad baby is waiting till you all get on the mend before showing his/her face.
Hope Jon feels better soon!

Love ya,