Prayer and support requests

I have a policy of accepting any useful help offered.

You can contact me by e-mail at: tasjess (at) gmail (dot) com

We have a fund for Kaylee's care.  You can read about what we use it for here.  Donations are welcome


Our biggest need at the moment is prayer!

Please pray that:

That Kaylee's shunt continues to work and she remains robustly healthy until her surgery next week.

That our doctors and nurses will have wisdom, skill and discretion.

That we get help to sort out her reflux while we are in hospital.

That Kaylee continues to have great support staff who are sensitive to her needs and our family's needs.

That Jon and I can meet our children's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs during this time.

That our trip back to Melbourne is calm and not traumatic.

That we get accommodation at Ronald McDonald House.

That this time will draw Jon and I and the children closer together and closer to God and that we are all protected from spiritual attack.

That our family are protected from colds, flu, tummy bugs and any other illnesses at this time.

Now, a serious word from me here. This is a marathon and not a sprint. I have been totally overwhelmed and awed by the outpouring of generosity we have experienced. Short of a miracle, Kaylee will require special care and support long term - if not for the rest of her life. SO - promise me you will not burn yourselves out! Put your own families first and don't over do it. I say this totally selfishly friends because we will need you as much - if not more - in six months time.