Monday, January 26, 2009

Things only a Mummy can understand....

Starting to doze off in a public place then jolting awake to do a quick head count of children, momentarily forgetting exactly what number of children you have in the fog of not-quite-awake-ness!

Enjoying a sloppy kiss that involved teeth given by a giggling toddler.

The feeling of relief that goes with a burp, fart or nappy fill by a grumpy baby.

Feeling a little weepy when the baby's umbilical stump falls off because they aren't a "real" newborn anymore!

Instantly checking what the kid's are doing when there is a strange noise or silence

Frantically looking for the dummy (pacifier for my US readers!), only to realise you are holding it by the handle in you TEETH!


I have a new motto - Sir Edmund Hilary wasn't thinking of the blisters as he climbed the summit.

I love hiking. I haven't done it in ages, not properly, but there is something about walking through the wilderness with a pack that makes me happy. When I have blisters the size of golf balls on the soles of my feet, my old shoulder injury is nagging and the pack is weighing a ton, I stop and look around. The vista reminds me of why I am doing what I am doing and suddenly I have the energy to go on.

When I am exhausted, still in my PJ's at noon, the kids are being 'challenging' (read: being bratty) and I am feeling a little like running away from home, I catch a glimpse of the view. Sometimes it is a close up thing that boosts me - a wisp of Erin's blond hair catching the light, Christopher planting a kiss on Anna's nose, an impromptu bouquet of lawn daises from Billy, Anna making a noise like a squeaky toy when she hiccups. Sometimes it is the wider view that lifts me. I see a hardworking man in the little boy who loves stacking wood, a potential medical missionary in the little girl ministering with her plastic doctor's kit, a strong, gentle man in the tender, sloppy, toddler kiss, a world of possibilities in the newborn's eyes.

Take a moment to enjoy the view, you won't notice the blisters nearly as much!


Momma Bug said...

Dear dear Jess...
Thanks! It truly IS the perspective that makes all the difference, isn't it?
It's a good reminder EVERY day.
I hope you are holding up alright with the usual wonder, delight, and hormones of the first few weeks! ;-)

Love you,

TasJess said...

Thanks Analene,
we are doing wonderfully. It is almost a relief to have Beloved head back to work and start in on something resembling our regular routine now!