Friday, January 02, 2009

Of visitors, plaster dust, toddlers and - well - vomit!

A stolen moment for a quick update! No baby yet but I am in disgustingly good health at the moment - YAY! I even had a little jump on the trampoline with the kids the other day which probably scared the neighbours. We had some very good friends come to stay on Monday. They have 2 children, a girl 6 weeks older than Billy and a boy 8 weeks older than Christopher and they are expecting their third in May. Shane, the Daddy of the family, has known Beloved since they were 4, they have been each other's best men and our youngest sons are named Christopher SHANE and Stephen JON after each other. They live on the mainland so it is fairly rare to catch up. We have been staying up WAY too late talking (2am!) most nights.

We have also taken full advantage of the fact that Shane is a handy man and he and Beloved are working madly on the front room. Of course that means that everything that was in the front hall blocking that door is now spread out in my recently organised lounge room, but this isn't so bad. The PLASTER DUST that coats EVERYTHING is a little harder to deal with! I had forgotten how awful plaster dust is. Luckily they have finished ripping down the plaster now and today they will be starting to put things back together. So we have 5 children under 5, 2 pregnant women, a disorganised house - what could add to this wonderful mix? Well add to I don't know, but Billy started throwing up yesterday and woke gagging this morning so please pray that gastro WILL NOT add to this mix LOL. I wouldn't mind if Bub stayed put also, just for another week or two to let me get organised! I had better head back to the fray, but if things remain quiet for a bit don't worry, there is just a big REAL WORLD focus in this house at the moment!


Momma Bug said...

It seems to me that these kinds of projects are at their peak when you are about to give birth.
It happens every time for me!

I am learning to tell my emotions to let go, and be flexible.
AJ always reminds me that the baby will come regardless, so why fret. (not that YOU are fretting) Just that it's easy to do :-)

Enjoy those friends!


TasJess said...

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! I am actually having a fantastic time amid the chaos. The nesting has kicked in big time! Leaving it all in God's hands makes life a lot easier!