Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some photos...

Mama Hen at Ship Full O'Pirates is having a home made Thursday where people link in to show off what they have made. My home made stuff is fairly limited at the moment (I am planning on making cookies sometime soon though!) but I thought these may count!

My three oldest, made 'em myself! Kinda.

Beloved and Christopher - do you know how rare this is!!!

Billy painted up as a Tiger at the community Christmas celebration.

Erin cooking her little sister's birthday cake - yes, my kitchen does look like that.
I expect to have kitchen cupboards some time in the next ten years.

Stay tuned for more photos of Anna. As soon as I can get Beloved to show me how to get the photos from the camera into his lap top!

So there ya go Mama Hen, I kinda-sorta-little-bit made 'em myself - honest!


Mother Hen said...

Oh my, they are so lovely, and I am so relieved that you didn't link a video for the instructions! LOL!!! Shhhh! Don't tell anybody that I have that kind of sense of humor! :D

TasJess said...

Hehehe, that gave me a giggle!