Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tips for tummy bugs

Why not continue the recent theme?

  • use matress protectors
  • put a towel under or over the pillow of the sick bub/kid if possible. As a sideline, I have my bedside table drawer full of pillowcases for the bassinette to put under bub's head. Both my boys were chuckers and it was much easier just to change the pillowcase under their head after each nap than to try and keep up with washing sheets!
  • Keep a nice smelling anti-bacterial spray on hand.
  • Shove anything with vomit on it straight in the washing machine and set it going when it is full. Add a bit of vinager to the rinse if it is very smelly!
  • Have cloth nappies and face washers in containers (ice cream containers work well!) around the house.
  • Dry crackers, icy poles, jelly and dry toast with promite or vegemite are good starter foods
  • Clean the toilet regularly, a few times a day if you need to. Nothing says "I love you" like a shiny toilet to throw up in!
Thanks to my friend Bek for some of these tips. She not long ago survived gastro ripping through her family - she is pregnant with two under three!

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