Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Baby in the house

I am racking my brain to remember what I do when there is a new baby in the house - you'd think I'd remember seeing as it is only 14 months since there WAS one! If you have any other ideas please add to the comments!

Here are my tips:
  • have a stash of baby pillowcases in your bedside drawer for quick changes when baby has a little "possit" in bed. Christopher was a power chucker until he was a few months old and this saved me a lot of changed sheets.
  • A nappy change area with wipes/washers, nappies, a few changes of clothes etc. is very handy - although having a pre-schooler or toddler handy to fetch things is also invaluable!
  • Clean cloth nappies for shoulders, a stack of books to read aloud to older children, a small box of toys to amuse the younger-older kids and a bottle of water for Mum by the feeding spot. It gets full near my feeding chair!
  • I haven't practised what I am preaching here this time, but a freezer full of food is a great thing to bring a new baby home to!
  • A Birth Day cake in the freezer and some balloons is becoming tradition in our house. I'm not sure if Billy is more excited about the baby or the cake!
  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of love! With the ability to keep a sense of humor and roll with the punches a bit.


Momma Bug said...

Sounds to me like you're ready!

I can't remember either and it was fourteen months ago for me too, only no new baby right now:-)
Good luck with that!

I like your birthday cake idea - may I steal it in the future?

I can't wait to hear Bub's arrived! And also, Jess, I've really enjoyed your recent posts.

Love ya!

MommaofMany said...

A sling is an invaluable tool. I loved being able to carry Baby around all day and have my hands free. It also keeps people from feeling like they can touch in the store or at church. You can let them have a peek at Baby, but they don't reach in.

I love your pillowcase tip!

TasJess said...

Ooooh yes, I love my slings and wraps, I have a whole collection! Christopher is too big to carry around much in them anymore so they are pretty much all clean and ready to go.

Feel free to steal the cake idea Mumma Bug. I get the cake out of the freezer just before I leave home to have bub and it is defrosted by the time I get back. I have a back up plan of buying one on the way home if I don't happen to get one in the freezer! But as this one is following the recent trend of going overdue I seem to have plenty of time!

Mother Hen said...

I'm getting excited about your new baby. It's so grand when a baby is born. I miss it.
BTW, I have given your blog an award. Come over and check it out.

Linda said...

I had three power chuckers, it was so lovely when the other two didn't do that.

Nice to meet another Aussie, I have been checking out the memes on Ship Full O'Pirates.

Congratulations on your new arrival.