Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More newborn tips....

It's all comming back to me now! I figured I should blog some of it so I remember for next time.

If you have a habit of being overdue, have a pump action bottle of almond oil or a good quality lotion (QV lotion is what I'm using right now) sitting on the change table. Put a little on their dry hands and feet at each change to prevent them cracking from being so dry.

Unless you are into co-sleeping (we aren't, we just don't sleep so well with babies in our bed) DON'T feed the baby in bed. Not even sitting up. You end up very uncomfortable a few hours later!

A good quality feeding pillow like a zoo pillow is great to help save your back and shoulders

Have all your slings and baby carriers located (I seem to have misplaced one of mine!) clean and ready to use.

Be prepared to spend lots of time just gazing at the baby trying to soak in every moment because - by number four - you begin to realise just how fleeting these precious moments are!

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Melissa said...

Enjoy your sweet baby, because you are right they do grow fast!