Sunday, January 04, 2009

Jess' Kitchen Tips

Here are a few bits of kitchen wisdom I have picked up:

Beans can be used to stretch almost any meal. I haddn't realised how much I used this until a long term houseguest mentioned it. I had fed them beans every day! It can have an 'interesting' effect on digestive systems not used to it LOL

Food nibbled on while you're cooking does not count toward calories as you are burning it off while you cook. So feel free to nibble on that bit of carrot, slice of cheese.....the left over fruitcake in the fridge. This is my story and I'm sticking to it!

If you put something green on the plate, it is a healthy meal. So add a few bits of broccoli to the lasagne, some peas to the lamb chops... some green jelly beans to the top of the chocolate cake the kids cooked.

Fetta cheese makes it gormet cooking. So next time you clean out the fridge, put anything that can't run fast enough to get away in a large frypan with some fetta cheese and serve it up with some parsley (to make it healthy of course) and everyone will think you're a brilliant cook!

These bits of wisdom I picked up without even trying, I hope you will benefit from the wisdom I have chosen to share LOL

On a more serious note, please go and visit Large Family Mothering and read her post Broken, Not Crushed. I found it a timely and beautiful reminder!

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