Wednesday, January 21, 2009


What a week!

is THRILLED about having a little sister. Beloved has called Erin "Squeek" since she was tiny so Erin has started calling Anna "Squark" to match. She and Billy put in an order for another boy next time LOL. The medical side of having a new baby is fascinating Erin (of course!) with her showing great interest in nappy contents, umbilical cords etc.

has surprised me with just how much interest he is showing in Anna. He held her for ages yesterday just kissing and patting and cuddling and chatting with her. He loves being a big, BIG, brother. He's had a few crash and burn moments when he has been just too tired and overwhelmed and his stamina still isn't back from the bout of gastro.

has been the MOST surprising with Anna. Get this, he is being GENTLE! I didn't think the boy had it in him! A priceless moment when he kissed Anna on the nose last night just melted me completely and I am yet to recover. It is wonderful to be able to carry him around (relatively) easily again. He has started "helping" me in the kitchen now, carrying things to put them away while sitting on my hip. He will find that a lot easier when he is walking though!

Our beautiful girl is here! I will write that birth story some time in the next few weeks - but suffice to say I could do it again quite happily - especially given the result. Anna was a bit of a lazy feeder initially and became a bit jaundiced but I expressed a little (less than 10 ml) and drip fed it to her, lay her in the sun for a bit and that seems to have knocked the worst of it on the head. She had a nasty bout of wind last night and is still working out the whole day and night thing (which you'd expect, she is only 4 days old!) but over all each moment with her has been a delight.

The house:
is puttering along thanks to my cleaner and my Mum. Whenever I get worried about spending the money on the cleaner I look around and realise that it is the best $30 per week I spend! Beloved has installed a new toilet complete with my little squirt which makes rinsing nappies MUCH easier.

how many calories does giving birth burn? Anyone? I have visions of getting into shape before the next baby. I am contemplating major plans to get the abs somewhere near toned.

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