Our Wish List

I often get asked what we want for Christmas etc. and rarely have an answer, so I thought I would create and slowly add to this page so I can direct people here.

Pretty much anything from the ADRA wishlist, Oxfam Unwrapped, Unicef, Harvest of Hope, Samaratain's Purse, Gospel for Asia, Red Cross or World Vision would thrill me to bits. Recently, Heart Kids Australia has become a cause close to MY heart. Also, Royal Children's Hospital, Royal Flying Doctor's Service and Ronald McDonald House.  If you donate blood for me I would be ecstatic!

SOME of my troublesome family and friends prefer something I can touch. If you are one of those, I would like a some funky over-the-knee or thigh-high socks or stockings, or pretty much anything from the Body Shop.  Alternatively, some candles and/or candlesticks to make my table pretty or a globe to add to my collection. Books from my wish list or any of the audio books on my wishlist will make me happy.  But I honestly love the charitable gifts! So far I have a chicken in PNG and micro-financed a small business, pretty awesome! I don't mean to be picky or hard to please, but PLEASE do not get me ornaments, clothes or anything that I will have to display or clean. I prefer to spend time hanging with my kids rather than cleaning or creating storage.

The children would love some musical instruments, good quality toys and puzzles, art materials (such as coloured pencils, gel pens for the older kids, oil pastels, crayons, clay, sketch pads and other art paper, and stamping sets) and toys that build on sets that we already have like wood blocks, Mr Potato Head, Mega Bloks, and Lego are also great.  For a look at books we would love for our library, check out my Amazon wishlist! Books are ALWAYS a winner. Very simple games they can play together can also delight them as do hand puppets. Oh, and almost anything from Australian Geographic!

Gifts that may appeal to specific children are:

Anything listed above, especially art materials, a tea set, anatomy models, skeleton kit or puzzle , dress ups (she would go nuts for a fairy dress like her little sister - yes, even at her age), she is a Star Wars fan so anything Star Wars-y and horses are also a strong interest of hers.  Some other ideas include a mirror for her room, flower press, polly pockets, a kite or sun hats and accessories.

Anything listed above, especially puzzles Farm themed stuff, hopper ball, basket ball set, zoob and other construction toys like meccano

Anything listed above, especially a hopper ball, anything machinary and or car related, anything "tool" and building related, construction toys like meccano

Anything listed above, especially toy food , a baby doll, snap-n-style dolls and accessories,Sylvanian families and accessories, a doll whose hair she can brush, polly pockets, play silks, or sunhats and accessories

He needs durable toys.  Stuff with wheels as long is good as it is clearly marked for under 5 year olds - small bits of broken plastic aren't fun!  This mini-excavator would be a great. Mega Bloks are well loved.  He also loves balls to throw around, roll and play with.  Bob the Builder is a big hit so a builder's helmet or t-shirt with Bob on the front would make him very happy.  Things with small pieces or that require sitting down or quiet behaviour are not really suited to our on-the-go boy!

She loves a bit of hair bling!  A mobile would be lovely. Kaylee adores her Lamaze butterfly so other toys by them would be well received.  Books are another perfect gift and a cute little outfit is always welcome (size 0 - please just one special outfit rather than bags and bags, I don't want to drown!). She would also love a Pumpkin bag for her feed pump, a topsy-turvy doll or a Chime Ball Elephant

A Rag Doll is a timeless and long lasting gift.   A busy ball would be a good idea or a size 0 pretty outfit.   Stacking toys are also fun.

We prefer to avoid toys with batteries or small parts, especially small magnetic parts. We also choose to avoid toys that are Barbie, High Five, Wiggle etc. branded. We prefer not to have too many ornaments given the size of our home and family. Please only soft toys that you absolutely love as too many breeds dust mites and we have a family history of asthma and allergies. We would also prefer that the children receive ONE good quality toy rather than a big bag of toys. Honestly, they all share and two or three toys per child from each gift giver each Christmas and Birthday... It doesn't take long for us to DROWN in toys! When we start to drown, we do choose some toys to donate to pass on the blessing.

As for what to get Jon....your guess is as good as mine!

Thank you so much for being thoughtful enough to want to buy presents for our family!