Who this Jess person is

I am a Christian
I am a Wife
I am a Mother
I am Woman (hear me roar)

I have six kids, three boys and three girls, who are all very different to each other and anyone else for that matter. 

I have learned that the only label I need as a mother is Saved.  The rest we make up as we go along.

My family is a headline act in my life.

It consists of:

My Beloved Husband Jon
We've been married eleven years now and he is my friend, lover, and conspirator in life.  He makes me happy every day and encourages me to be the best I can be.  He is my support and my hero.

My firstborn Erin
A bright spark in my life who has a head full of questions.  Most often found in a book, she is a thinker of big ideas and a learner.  Full of humour and compassion and a love of all things medical.

My biggest boy Billy
A fantastic kid who is a real do-er.  Can do anything he sets his mind to.  Most often found working, we need to tell him to play!  He has a subtle sense of humour, love of the TV and a passion for farming.

My middle boy Christopher
A fabulous, generous, sensitive kid who lights up my life with his grin and wacky laugh.  He loves all things motor related.  He adores his siblings and is most often found talking and singing to Kaylee.

My middle girl Anna.
A girl through and through Anna loves all things pink.  She has a fabulous imagination and tells wonderful stories.  Most often found absorbed in her own game "mothering" her toys.  She is all eyes and giggle.

My littlest boy Andrew
A firecracker of a kid forever into mischief.  He loves jokes and tickles and rough-housing.  Most often found in deep concentration, taking apart something (not always sanctioned) or cuddling with Mum or Dad.

My littlest girl Kaylee.
A pretty laid back, sweet little girl.  She has a shock of dark hair, eye lashes that go on forever and rare dimples that melt your heart.  She is most often found tucked into Mum's left arm or in her rocker holding court while she sleeps.

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