Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A *proper* update

Mum arrived last night and Bek and Shane left with the kids. We are missing having Bek and Shane around already but loving having Mum here. My kitchen looks fabulous after only having Mum here for about 24 hours!

got a little toy mobile phone with lollies in it as a special treat because she's been helping nurse all the sickies. The quote of today comes from her though. She got a new doctor's kit from Nana Julie and was playing with it in the lounge room. The phrase we overheard that REALLY cracked us up was "Trust me...I'm a doctor."

is still unwell, he threw up all over the dinner table last night (nobody wanted dessert after that - except Erin who performed a detailed examination of her brother's vomit! If that girl doesn't do something medical I will eat my hat.). He is getting better though with no vomit or "southern explosions" today. He has, however, been bitten by mosquitoes all over his head and arms and has reacted quite badly. His face, one ear and large patches of his arms are swollen and red. Still, through it all he is quite stoic. Nana Julie has plans of taking him to the wildlife park as a special treat when he feels better.

isn't feeling too well either. Quite a few "southern explosions" today the poor love. He still manages to spend so much of his time HAPPY though. I wonder how he will cope when the new bub comes. He took a few individual steps today too. His poor little legs are covered in a rash because I let him play outside in just a nappy and he reacted to the grass. Both my poor boys are sick, swollen and red! It doesn't seem to bother him at all though with only the tummy pains and runs seeming to cause him any distress. He is loving extra cuddles from Nana Julie.

New Bub:
is sitting VERY low but seems to be quite happy in situ. I am looking forward to meeting this bub, even though we have so many things I'd like to get done. Jon has bought Bub's special bear. We have a special family tradition where Jon chooses a teddy bear for each new baby we have. This comes from the bear that he still has that his Dad bought for him when his Mum was pregnant. Erin has Brown Bear, Billy has Red Bear, Christopher has Bikkie Bear and Bub now has Ginger Bear.

The house:
looks pretty good all things considered! Thanks to the mighty efforts of Bek, the washing was kept up with. We have even aired out things covered by the plaster dust. Sarah had a fantastic go at the plaster dust still remaining so I am not stressed about filling bub's lungs with it anymore. Mum has given my kitchen a bit of a go over and organise which is brilliant. I have mopped most of the ceilings to get rid of the plaster dust (and cobwebs!) and washed down most of the walls. There is just a bit more organising I'd like to do, some sheets I want to sew and a few other 'loose end' tasks before I will feel totally ready for Bub's arrival. The front room is now "noggined out" (ooohh, look at me using fancy builders jargon!!) and it won't be long until we (that is Jon and someone who is probably not me) put up plaster board.

The Garden:
has provided hot pink roses and lavender for Mum's caravan. The guys ripped up some shrubs etc. that I didn't want in the front garden so that they could take out the fence and back the trailer in next to the front window, making it easier to throw out the plaster etc they were ripping down


Prayer requests:
I'd just like to ask for ongoing prayer for our family health. Jon is a whole lot better and the boys are recovering. We have received GREAT mercy and so far we have gotten off lightly. There is so much to praise God for amid all the nasties of sickness. My Big brother is still on a cocktail of drugs to control his pain and will be getting back surgery sooner rather than later. My baby brother is off travelling the world! He is in South America right now. The Lockwood Family also need prayers and encouragement as they try and settle in away from home and await the arrival of their newest bub amid many, many concerns for the little man's welfare, not to mention the Mama's!


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