Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I got stung by a bee on the foot yesterday while I was hanging out the washing. Bees like clover flowers, there is clover all over the place here and a honey factory over the back fence!

has Billy's cough and runny nose. She was devastated not to be sick enough to warrant going to the doctor with the boys and I yesterday!

is grumpy, moody, grizzly, whiny and no longer coughing. I think the bad attitude may just be something that needs addressing with some training! His stamina is still down though and I am working on getting the weight back on him after the tummy bug.

now has some steroid cream for his eczema. It is a very mild cream and seeing as the itch has been waking him up at night I think it was warranted. It is already starting to make a difference. He has also walked 3-4 steps in a row on different occasions, he just forgets he doesn't walk yet and does!

has a real belly button! I am not ready for this yet. She is feeding wonderfully in spite of the fact that I have enough milk for triplets and regularly try and drown the poor child. She is my most windy, colic prone bub, I suspect she has some acid reflux, but it is very manageable still and I am enjoying every minute of her.

The house:
is surprisingly well maintained given that we have a ten day old baby in the house. I can actually move around pain free at the moment and finding it much easier to cope with the heat now that Anna is on the outside! I am watching the sun lizards wander around the house at the moment. They come in and snack on scraps that Christopher drops under the high chair (peanut butter and chocolate crackles seem to be favourites!). We don't have to go on a nature walk, we just look under the table at breakfast time!


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