Thursday, May 24, 2007

He Came to Me

I mentioned that I will be adding to theis Blog beyond the normal updates. I wanted to add some encouragement for other Mums in my position and discribe the way I manage my home as I have gained so much from reading other blogs that do this. I wrote this months ago and it has been sitting on my computer ever since. I think it is time to release it to cyber space!

He Came to Me

I am blessed to have two small children and even more blessed to be able to stay at home and be their primary caregiver all day.

This is a wonderful and awesome task. Both the children are beautiful, vibrant personalities, and both have a solid dose of their father’s and my stubbornness and temper! When you are two and a half (as my daughter is) this makes for a tumultuous time as the “drama tiara” comes out on a regular basis! My son, who is seven and a half months, growls when things don’t go his way. I hadn’t known that 6 month olds could have temper tantrums until I met him!

The daunting task of shaping these traits into strength of character is an all day event, it is no wonder I feel the need for prayer on a daily basis!

Therein lies a problem. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. As I sit at my desk or kneel down for prayer now days, it seems very common for me to wake up about an hour later, stiff and sore with a little wet patch where I drooled in my sleep!

This is frustrating to say the least. At a time in my life when I need my connection with God on a daily basis more than ever, I was falling asleep every time I tried to connect!

I tried going to bed earlier, and found I never spent time with my night-owl Beloved.

I tried getting up later and found that my house was soon in ruin.

I tried doing both and THAT was a disaster.

Extra vitamins, more water, more exercise, none of it helped. Still, every time I got on my knees or sat at my desk to pray, I would sink into a deep sleep.

I cried out to God silently as I chopped onions for dinner “Am I lazy? Undisciplined?? You and I are usually on such good speaking terms! I want that time just You and me Lord. I want that time to fill up so I can give to my family.”

The next day I got out of bed, I made my Beloved’s lunch and ironed a shirt, I unloaded the dishwasher and grabbed the dog lead to walk the dog – just another chore; one that I had been neglecting lately which my lumbering beast reminded me of with her enthusiastic lick.

We headed out along the footpath, the river bathed in the golden light of a new day, the water birds swooping out over the water.

And all of a sudden, there He was. Walking beside me. “You’ve wanted to talk to me?” He said “Well here I am!”

So we talked. I thanked Him profusely for my beautiful family, such a blessing to me. I asked Him how I should manage things better. I asked His blessings and sang His praises.

Then, as I put my dog back and hung up her lead, I realized that I had spent that time with my Lord, and I haddn’t even yawned. He met me where I am. He came to me, and all I had to do, was ask.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quick update today. My kitchen is calling me!!

has been a little 'off' (sleeping lots, very tired, off her food etc) so we took her to the doctor today. He gave her a clean bill of health other than a bit of a virus. Of course, she started picking up this morning didn't she!! She is still sleeping (got sent to bed at lunch time, if we are too tired to use table manners we are too tired to be out of bed!) at the moment though and I am thinking we will take things fairly slow for a while.

is still faking that he can't walk - crawling is just too efficient! I am not too stressed though. He is just taking full advantage of each developmental stage!! No rush. He can do the actions to some of the songs we sing during songs and prayers in the morning which just melts me. Anyone who says a baby his age can't be taught to obey etc. hasn't spent time with this boy! He CAN clearly learn to obey (if he can do the actions to "Running Over"!) he just needs me to be a bit firmer and more consistant!

Littlest Bubba:
is being very well anticipated! I put the basinette in my study this week and took out all the stuff that was inside it. I have managed to restrain myself from putting on blankets and sheets or sorting and washing clothes.

The House:
is almost completely taken over by laundry at the moment. There is a mountain range of washing waiting to be washed and two clothes horses full in front of the heater. The joys of a Tassie winter mean that washing does not get completely dry outside very often, even on fine days, and I am trying to restrict the use of the dryer because of the power bill. Kitchen is slowly being reclaimed after getting to "bomb site status" (a day or two without full maintainance takes a week or two to fix!) and I will be needing it with Billy's birthday comming up and a Church Lunchon and my freezer in dire need of a top up! Not to mention I should start preparing for those last few weeks of pregnancy when I won't want to move let alone cook a gormet meal each night!

The Farm:
Grizzy has a new home which was very sad for us but for the best. The chooks may even lay now! The garden is crying out for some attention.

Big Projects:
Still unpacking....... We will get there one day!


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

napped Wednesday for the first time in ages. She still isn't completely recovered from her cold and a few disturbed nights have gotten to her. It was strange to go about the house just Billy and I and I found I missed her! She has reached the stage of continual chatter and questions which can be a little wearing at times, but over all is fantastic. She is wonderful with Billy (most of the time!) and when we went to have the Ultrasound the week she was riveted to the screen to look at our new baby. When we stopped in to see my midwife Erin informed her that "Jesus put our new baby in a special bag in Mummy's tummy called a womb!" :D

is still only walking in short spurts, finding that crawling is faster at the moment. But he is so proud of every achievement he makes. He is thrilled with the fact that he can clap hands, wave and play peek-a-boo. As strong willed and vocal as ever he yelled all the way through our Ultrasound this week (it was 8am and we didn't have a chance for breakfast beforehand!) but brightened up once he had some food in him. He has been 'helping' me unpack the spare room/my study today which has been lovely.

The Littlest Bubba:
has all ten fingers and toes in the right places - according to the ultrasound anyway - and there is only one in there. I have rounded out a lot over the last week or so and bubba is much more active (the bed-shaking kicks have started!). I am slowly easing away from the fantasy of this being a "quiet" baby!!

The house:
is much more unpacked with my study about 60% done, the lounge, bathroom, kitchen and kid's rooms clear of boxes and the pantry sorted out. Laundry has breed out of control as the washing machine is acting up and with the wet weather I am unable to get things dry. So we're running out of clothes!! My crock pot lid has bit the dust, it smashed when it was dropped on the floor, and I'm not game to do many dishes in there with only foil over the top. I miss it terribly!!

The 'Farm':
is now minus one chook due to my dopey dog :(. As she has persistantly harassed chooks (ours and the neighbours) since we got here she is going to have to be re-housed which breaks my heart but it isn't fair on her to be kept in a small run, only let out for walks on a leash, for the rest of her life. We still have grand plans and have done a bit of weeding etc in the green house but the wet weather and the to-do list inside has kept us busy!

Big projects:
It has become apparent that even knitting doesn't keep me awake in front of the TV so the jacket has stalled yet again! I have got some more sewing supplies - now to set up my sewing room!


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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

News Flash


4-5 steps in a row at this stage, I expect he will be sprinting the quarter mile by the end of the week LOL

Monday, May 07, 2007

Well here I am, take two on this entry (computer ate the last one!). House is controlled chaos, but the controlled part is progress so I guess I shouldn't complain! I am just going to make time to blog today.


is lovely! She's learning scripture at the moment and has almost got John 3:16 down pat (still needs a little prompting sometimes) and has started on Genisis 1:1 today. This led to a quick coaching session on the pronounciation of "created" and a discussion of "beginning" and "created" and the meanings thereof. She is still my best helper and I'd rather have her assisting me on many tasks than most adults!


otherwise known as destructo-boy has broken a quiche dish and climbed every item of furniture imaginable (he can hang off tables by only his arms and often does 'chin ups'!) but still declined to walk today - in spite of the fact he can stand up, sit down and stand dancing on the spot. I think he just thinks crawling is faster. This same little boy who can drive me to the edge of distraction can charm me in a moment with a giggle, grin or hug. Sunday morning the kids were settled and I jumped back into bed with Jon for a moment. I got caught up listening to an article on the radio and Erin came to find us. I asked "Where's Billy Sweetheart?" She answered "Oh, eating butter, I'll go get him." Lesson learned, butter now kept on a higher shelf!

The Littlest Bubba's:

movements can be felt (and seen!) from the outside now. My waist band often suffers assaults from the inside if bubba considers them too tight. We are booked in for the Ultrasound next week and now that we are moved I am looking forward to preparing for the arrival of this new child.

The house:

As I said, is controlled chaos. The weather has prevented an all out assault on the laundry but we have called an uneasy truce. It stays in the hamper or laundry, I don't bring in the flame thrower. The kitchen is just made for cooking in and I have been making a point of having each evening meal be an occassion. We often have candles and my crock pot has been working overtime, especially as I often use it to make apple and cinnamon porridge for breakfast! (pop it in the night before and yum!).

The "farm":

is fantastic with the chooks doing great, although we are yet to see an egg. The breed is "Brahama" and apparently they are great for cold weather. We planted some bulbs yesterday and picked some tomatoes from the green house. I have grand plans, it is just a matter of time, energy and money!

Big Projects:

Erin's jacket is still growing away, I need to knit to keep myself awake at night in front of the TV. The craft room is starting to look like it may be ready for craft sometime soon too which is exciting. The usual nesting, creative hormones are buzzing around and I have grand plans of decorating the house, clothing the children (and me!) and finishing the un-finished object (UFO) stash that I boxed up and brought with me from the old house.

I had better keep moving!


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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick Update

I have about a billion e-mails to attend to and I am on dial up at the moment so this will be short and sweet - sorry!

We are here and all well. Kids and animals are doing well - Billy is taking the odd step and Erin has put in an order for a black baby sister (the husband hunt seems to be on the back burner with the more pressing issues of feeding chooks and Mummy trying to explain the genetics of skin colour taking precedent).

The laundry is quietly breeding and planning a global take over as we speak and if it joins forces with the growing pile of empty cardboard boxes in the dining room- I'm sorry folks but kiss your loved ones goodbye, it is all over.