Friday, October 21, 2011

Yay for comfy chairs!

We are out of PICU and on the cardio ward again. We are doing so well we didn't even get a room near the nurses station. As I type Kaylee is propped on my lap with a pillow watching me avidly. Yes, WATCHING me. Both eyes open. Kaylee did not open her eyes for days after her surgery.

The other day a card arrived that the sender forgot to sign or put a return address on. It contained some cash. Coincidentally, the night before I had thought to myself that I needed to get some cash and considered buying Kaylee a toy to look at in order to get her to open her eyes and interact a bit more. You gotta love those coincidences! So this morning I bought Mr Flutterby the Butterfly. When I brought him in to show Kaylee she had her eyes opened just slightly then I held Mr Flutterby up showing the black and white patterns on the back of his wings. Instantly she opened her eyes WIDE an spent the next 20 minutes staring at him. I get the feeling Mr Flutterby is a hit. She has now spent more time today with her eyes open and interacting than she ever has before. I love Mr Flutterby.

Health wise Kaylee is doing great. She does have an antibiotic resistant infection (one of those nasty bugs that are all around hospitals) but it was caught before she showed any symptoms and it is being treated by some "big gun" antibiotics. This should mean that it gets knocked on the head before she does show any symptoms. Unfortunately it also means we are stuck with the central line for a little while longer as she will probably need to be on antibiotics for three weeks - again! Her heart is doing well though and because we have been proactive with medication and treatment her reflux isn't bothering her either. She has a little bit of redness under her chin where her spit pooled while she was on CPAP but we are treating that with pawpaw ointment.

It's been a good day!

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Seaweed and Raine said...

Yay for wide open eyes, comfy chairs and butterflies! :)
Your news makes me smile and praise God.