Thursday, October 20, 2011

There are those who see the glass as half empty.

There are those who see the glass as half full.

There are those who see the glass as full - half full of air, half full of water.

And there are those of us who recognise the validity of all the above answers, but wonder what the point of the question is.

I mean seriously, are we wanting to DRINK the water? Why are we all worried about the water? Or is it the glass we are wondering about? What are we planning to do with it? How is it relevant to my needs right now? Am I dehydrated? We have a glass and approximately 125mls of water - where do we go from here? Will this glass of water help me do my job better?

Right now I have the most beautiful tiny baby girl in the world and a handful of diagnosis. There are those who say it is a horrible thing to have spent 7 weeks in various hospitals, watching Kaylee go through painful and distressing medical procedures and having our family separated, and I agree with them whole heartedly. There are those who say it's a great thing that the beautiful Kaylee is a part of our lives and it's totally worth all the pain and distress, and I would agree with them whole heartedly. But the question I sit with is - where do we go from here?

Hopefully from HERE (PICU) we will be going upstairs to 7 West today or tomorrow - yay!

Right now Kaylee is breathing totally without support and has been doing so since yesterday. Once we took the breathing stuff off she started opening her eyes again (since the surgery she'd only opened her eyes a crack occasionally - and who could blame her?). Today hopefully her central line (the big scary drip in her neck) is being taken out and a new peripheral line is being put in (a drip will be put in her arm or leg). The dressing has been left off her zipper (incision site) and later today I am going to put some clothes on her again.

Now we can start to work out how best to start preparing for home. HOME!

Still a while away but a tangible goal now.

So now I am going to gaze in my baby's eyes, strategise and plan, and fill up the glass to take a big drink of water.

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Seaweed and Raine said...

H2O... ahhh. Nothing better to quench your thirst. Drink up babe. ;)