Thursday, October 27, 2011

M & D University

I bet you didn't know I am studying full time at the moment.

I am attending M & D University - that's Moses and David University.

Both these leaders got a rigorous training before taking on their famous roles.

Both of them spent time as shepherds, in royal court (David as court musician, Moses as an adopted son of Pharoh's daughter), David was a guerilla warrior and mercenary while being pursued by Saul, Moses was the son in law of a tribal leader and priest who possessed great wisdom and insight. These experiences prepared them to take on arguably the two most influential positions of the old testament. The skills they learned during those years - about 40 for David and 80 for Moses - served them well as they led Israel and shaped history. One day I am going to write a book examining the skills Moses and David would have learned during these periods and how those skill would have served them in their more well known roles - but for now I will leave it up to your imaginations and go on with talking about me - because this is all about me, check the name of the blog.

One day my role as mother will be less intense in terms of the time and physical effort it needs. I had thought that perhaps when my kids are grown and independent I may take on another job of some type. I change my mind about what kind of job about as often as a five year old does. My top ten at the moment are: lactation consultant, foster parent(perhaps specialising in caring for kids with special needs), play therapist, hospital teacher, special needs teacher, social worker, poly-culture farmer, occupational therapist, child psychologist and writer/poet. Curiously, other than hospital teacher, all of these were jobs I was thinking about before Kaylee arrived.

Almost every day I am learning skills and collecting knowledge that would help me in any and all of these occupations. From the basic skills such as time management, creating working relationships with diverse people and assertiveness to the more specific skills and knowledge set of lactation, hospital life and dealing with special needs children - I am learning more every day than I ever did in a whole semester at university. I don't know for certain what job God has in store for me, I am just trying to pay attention to the lessons being brought to me and pass each course I take.

I think sometimes if we pay attention to the lessons of being a shepherd or a home maker or whatever is going on in our lives RIGHT NOW rather than worrying about getting a piece of paper or promotion, we will find ourselves prepared for much greater thing. Things that have an eternal impact.

That's what I think anyway.


Momma Bug said...

I think you're on to something.

Can't wait to read that book ;-)

Char said...

so you will be Jess Guest MD ?? hehe xxx