Monday, October 24, 2011

Perfect ten

Central line? I poke me tongue out at your central line.

The risks involved in any procedure give me the willies and of course the anaesthetist needs to describe them all to me just before she goes in. As she goes off I am expecting to come back to, at best, a groggy, unhappy baby - at worst another stint in PICU, or worse.

I went down to discover a bright, happy baby gazing around like nothing had even happened with a beautiful, clean and tidy femoral line in her left leg.

Sailed through with a perfect ten.

Just for something different.

Also, if the lovely person who sent me some food today is reading this, can you leave a comment and let me know who you are? In the haze of surgery I didn't quite catch who it was who left the two yummy meals for me!


Anna S said...

Well that IS nice for a change! Good for you Kaylee.

Momma Bug said...

Yes yes! Thank you friend who is being Jusus' hands in a place I cannot! Thank you for loving Jess and Kaylee and each precious part of their family!

Jess - HOORAY! I LOVE that kind of different. Rejoicing with you!

Now go get some restful sleep.

kate said...


Anonymous said...

wrt those meals - what type of containers were they in?

Seaweed and Raine said...

And yes, poking your tongue out and blowing raspberries is totally appropriate. :)

skimbly said...

I believe those meals came from my wonderful and generous mother-in-law, who heard that you were in need :) I will pass on your appreciation :)

Jess said...

Yes, that would be who it was Skimbly! She said she was somebody's mother-in-law but I couldn't get it together enough to work out who that somebody was. Thank her greatly!