Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Baby Has Landed

We finally flew out at 4:30pm.

We were further delayed by the plane being needed for a more urgent case. I was not too displeased by this though because (a) it is always a good thing if they think you're healthy enough to delay and (b) it meant that Kaylee and I ended up flying over together on the RFD (Royal Flying Doctor's) air ambulance with Jackie - one of my favourite nurses from Hobart. Managing not to be separated and avoiding a commercial flight made my day MUCH better than anticipated.

Our next step is to observe for a few days and decide from there.

If Kaylee is deemed to be not responding to the meds sufficiently we will look at having a shunt put in her heart which is a much less complex operation than a full TOF repair and operate again when she is older to do the TOF repair. If Kaylee is deemed to be responding to the meds well enough, we will go back home to Launceston and continue on them - most likely staying in hospital until Kaylee is old enough for her full TOF repair. I am praying for a third option - the miraculous fixing of Kaylee's heart!

The most definite response to the question of how long we will be in Melbourne I can give is 'a while'. More than three days but most likely less than three weeks.

Meanwhile Christopher went to hospital last night with asthma and all the other kids have colds. Never a dull moment with the Guest family.

**UPDATE** Christopher was not admitted to hospital. He and Jon got home in the early hours of the morning.

And the adventure continues....

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Momma Bug said...

I say "YAY" to the things worth saying YAY for, and "Persevere my friend!" to the others.

Love you.