Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another day of stepping forward

Today Kaylee had all her drains and things taken out which she sailed through.

She also had her breathing tube taken out which she didn't sail through quite as easily. After a few hours of wondering if we would need to put it back in she did settle down a bit and she is now still on a bit of fancy breathing equipment (CPAP) but doing fairly well.

I had a good chat tonight with another "cardio Mum" who is down here from Queensland. Her little one is 3 now and has had three stints of having an open chest for five days at a time. There is always someone who puts your own situation into perspective. However she did point out to me that "just a shunt op", if it goes seriously wrong, has just as serious a consequence as any of her boy's ops; therefore any pain, distress and angst I am going through is just as legitimate as hers.

I picked her brain about life with a "cardio baby" and plan to catch up with her again tomorrow to do the same.

I can't wait to get out of PICU.

The stools make my back hurt and the family room is continually packed - often with a certain family who has at least two children with respiratory infections (aka colds).

I like the PICU nurses but I miss my 7 West (the Royal Children's cardio ward) nurses. I miss my Tassie nurses even more.

But Kaylee takes the scenic route most of the time and to fret for those things is to miss celebrating taking out the drains and wires successfully and removing the breathing tube. It somehow got late again (waffling up on 7 West does that) but I managed to nap in that overcrowded family room today while I waited for news on Kaylee's tube removal.

It was a full day today and I am tired. I would love to shower but it seems inconsiderate to shower at 1am here where so many people with sick kids are trying to sleep so I will put it off for morning. Right now I am going to crash knowing we are heading in the right direction right now and tomorrow I will enjoy the scenery with my girl.


Bek Ross said...

So glad to hear the good progress, perspective AND encouragement from from others in similar circumstances. Your writing is encouraging and inspirational even though I have never been in the situation you are in and cannot fathom the things you are going through. Somewhere, somehow your words will help me help someone else too. I have already been thanked for posting your blog so that others can read it too.

"Way to go Kaylee!"

Anna S said...

This is good news Jess. I'm glad Kaylee's improving and I pray she continues to do so. And that you get some rest. I feel crap that I and my family are still battling the lurgies and can't come out to see you - hopefully you'll be back in Tassie by the time we're better!

kate said...

Go Team Kaylee!