Friday, October 28, 2011

A general update

Kaylee has been having little spells of her heart slowing down. It isn't terribly dangerous at the moment, it is just something to watch and look into so we've been doing that for a few days now. It seems to be related to her reflux so next week her NG tube is being switched for an NJ tube. That means that instead of going into her stomach her food tube will be placed so it goes into her small intestine. It doesn't require any surgery or anything, just a radiographer so it can be checked properly. On a day-to-day basis it will mean that Kaylee will be on continuous feeds with a "kangaroo pump". It will be interesting having to keep her plugged in once we are home! But it is manageable and it is not an uncommon thing to have to work around.

We are heading into a long weekend and the ward is always delightfully quiet over the weekend. Kaylee and I will be moving into an isolation room tomorrow so rather than having a four bed room to ourselves we will get a one bed room to ourselves. The biggest thing this will mean for us is it guarantees our privacy and guards our quiet which will be lovely.

Kaylee's IV antibiotics finish on the 3rd of November and it will be fantastic to get rid of the central line. It is in an awkward place and I am constantly paranoid about it getting messed up when she fills her nappy or bumped when I change her or pick her up.

Yesterday I ended up leaving the hospital at 1am by the time I had finished everything I wanted to do here and expressed so I am pretty tired today. I ended up going back to Ronald McDonald House to do some laundry and having a nap for an hour or so this afternoon. I am tired and somewhat cranky and completely ready to go home! Soon...

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