Friday, October 07, 2011

There and back again...and there again.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Melbourne we go.

Unfortunately, Kaylee has started to struggle a little with her oxygen levels. We have put her on a medication to help with it but we are on our way to Melbourne to be reassessed and see if we need to move her heart surgery forward or treat her differently. We have no clue as to how long we will be there or what will happen while we are there but we are just riding the train. Thankfully Jon and I got to spend a night together and I got to spend Christopher's fourth birthday with him. While my inner toddler is in the middle of a full blown tantrum, kicking and screaming at the current turn of events, I am pleased that we have this option and glad to leave this decision in the hands of my doctors. Some of Kaylee's episodes of her oxygen saturation levels dipping (de-sats, in the medical lingo) have been a little scary with blue skin and a bit of oxygen needing to be wafted at her. She often responds to what we call the magic pillow - that is, having her cheek against my skin (preferably my breast) when this is going on. Fortunately, she has been responding to her new meds beautifully but decisions regarding this medicine, possible side effects of the medicine, how long we can sustain it's use, how Kaylee may respond to surgery at this time etc. are big complex ones and yes, I am very glad I don't have to make them.

So we are on the road again.

VERY glad we got a week in Launceston to relax and refuel.

I have taken the last two days simply to decompress and soak up my husband and kids and I am thankful for that.

The transport is not quite so scary this time as Kaylee does not need to be intubated or have any scary looking machines and she is being transported by nurses I know to the care of other nurses I know. It is not a huge emergency. I know with a fair degree of certainty that when I get to the hospital tomorrow morning Kaylee will likely be in a similar state to when I kiss her goodbye tonight.

I am thankful for a million things.

I rage at a hundred things.

Through it all, I praise Him.


Kate said...

Oh Jess...the words are hard to come by! My heart is heavy for you, yet I know that you are being held in HIS hands. So I praise him for the many joys and blessings - and say Welcome Back to Melbourne!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Ditto what Kate said.
May God carry you on His wings and give you the strength to stand above it all, the peace of knowing that He is in control, and an endless love that wraps you like a favourite quilt. Let me know if you are up for phone calls in the next few days.
Much love,
Sweet Pea

Jess said...

Due to more urgent cases taking precedence over us (always a good sign when you are not the most urgent case!) and thunder storms over the strait and Melbourne we are still here in Launceston and have the privilege of one more good night's sleep in Launceston before we hit the air.

Call any time Sweet Pea :)

Anna S said...

Oh Jess, I love this song - one of my favourites. I have sung it many times with broken voice and tears running down my face.
Is it bad that I'm hoping to catch up again with you back in Melbourne? Perhaps with you a little less stressed than last? And is Bek still your pit crew chief? If so, I will contact her regarding visiting and bringing some more soup for your lovely soul.

Momma Bug said...

Praising Him with you friend,
and lifting you each up in prayer.
Your stinkin' character is getting a workout. At this rate it won't stink so much!

Jess said...

I do love you guys! A visit will be fantastic Anna. My eyes are working and I see now so much less stressed than last time - not that THAT says much! I will be reinstating Bek if she is up to it but don't mind if you just want to call and stop by.

Analene, one of these days I will get around to writing you a LOOOOONG email. At this rate my character will be smelling a little less like the manure and a little more like the roses ;)