Saturday, October 22, 2011

PICU lag

The best time to be transferred into a ward or new hospital is a Friday. It gives you the weekend to relax and find your groove before all the five-day-a-week-specialists start lining up for attention.

Coming out of PICU creates PICU lag. PICU has a different time zone to the rest of the world. It is 24 hours a day full-on. Calling out "HALT!" to innocent, fluffy bummed, rustles in the bushes can be exhausting. And the number of times I did the happy dance on the way up has me plumb wore out! I have spent the day sleeping in the chair next to Kaylee's bed in between washing her hair, changing her nappy and playing with her. I am heartsick for my other kids, husband and home. It's been 49 days since I flew into Melbourne for the first time and 49 days since I've been home. But we are on the home stretch now and coming up to 7 West has given me the same boost that passing a mile-marker in a marathon gives a runner.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a baby to cuddle!

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kate said...

Hey marathon runner - you are going great!