Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A moment...

I keep trying to get on here to blog 'properly'.

Then I get distracted by Anna smiling, Erin setting out on an 'expedition' in the backyard, baby doll and sketching equipment in tow, boys snuggling down for naps and (just to bring things back to reality) "Muuuuuuum, Rifa (Christopher) just pooed in the bath!"

But here I am for a moment!

had a ball over the weekend when we took a surprise trip to Nanny and Poppy's place. She played the piano, had a tea party on the grass with her cousin, picked nashi fruit and mushrooms and watched the chooks and cats. A week would not have been long enough!

also loved every minute, teaming up with Christopher to stack Nanny's wood for her. Cuddling Nanny and Poppy was his highlight though! He also loved playing with his three big boy cousins, although he got a little over excited when it was just his little girl cousin there. Perhaps because he had to share her with Erin more?

had his first real go of gumboots this weekend and was hilarious as he stomped about trying to get used to the feel of them. Nanny and Poppy's cats were too smart to let him anywhere near them, but he was fascinated with them and everything else.

had developed a bit of a wheezy cough, which makes me suspect a possibility of asthma latter on. I will have to keep an eye on it. She is a happy, smiley baby and a delight to have in the home! Her hair, I suspect, is growing through blond. It is thinning out as she has awful cradle cap and any time some of that comes off it brings about a dozen hairs! She is very, very strong and is laying across my lap holding her head up and looking around as I type.

The house:
remains a work in progress. The reorganise that began in early March is still continuing at a painstakingly slow rate. The everyday takes up 99.99% of the day leaving just 0.01% for extras! Jon has run the wires in the front room and only needs to get some mates to help plaster then we can paint and start using it. Plastering is still at least three weeks away though with other commitments taking up the next few weekends. Re-wiring the house and submitting the plans for the shed are the next big projects. I don't even want to think about them to be honest! Although I miss having a cleaner in every week, I don't think I can justify the cost. I may have someone come in about once a quarter and give the place a big spring clean if it gets on top of me, we will see.

The garden:
is going at about the same rate as the reorganisation of the lounge room. I am S-L-O-W-L-Y digging up the bulbs in the front garden to shift them.


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