Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Our new favourite game

Our nature walk is where the bulk of our "science" happens. I have an altered game of eye spy that we play. I call it "Can you see...." It is a great game to get everyone involved at their own levels. When it is Erin's turn I will ask:

Can you see....a mammal? With four legs? Eating grass?

and I will continue with the clues until she gets to the animal/plant/object I am thinking of.

For Billy the clues are simpler but the concept is still the same.

This game teaches close observation skills, language skills and categorisation, all vital skills for budding scientists! They also ask me which can get REALLY tricky!

Best of all, it is fun. I have a new schooling motto: If it hasn't made you laugh, cry or go wow you probably haven't learned it!

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