Friday, March 06, 2009

Quick update

wore a beenie, gloves and a rain jacket to playgroup yesterday. She's thrilled that cooler weather is here at last and spotted some snow on the mountain yesterday morning too.

Had his first foray into the world of powertools this week and put together some shelves with Daddy. He was VERY proud and thrilled to be a part of something so important.

is still cutting these teeth and has awful excema all over his back. He has some stronger ointment now so we will see how that goes. He's surprisingly happy all things considered.

has developed quite severe excema accross her whole face and starting to creep into her hair :( I was hoping she would keep her pretty dark hair but if this excema takes hold like it seems it will (it seems to be spreading by the hour at the moment) she is going to loose it all and be one unhappy little baby! I have cut out all dairy to see if that will have an effect. Greater love hath no Mummy than to give up chocolate milk, cheese and butter! It will do me good anyway. We have an appointment with the dermatologist in a week and a half to see what can be done.

The house:
is undergoing a big "re-organise" with some new shelves and me feeling pretty fantastic compared to how I felt early January! I am almost on top of the washing with all the ironing done and I just need to fold the stuff I washed today. I keep hitting that pesky wall in the evenings about 9pm. I push through, but I am not as productive as I would like to be. I have been getting to bed on time though and that's made it easier to get up in the morning - marginally!

The garden:
has a plot laid out with old railway sleepers waiting to be filled and become our first vege patch at this house! YAY!


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