Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am a bit of an animal...

No, I am not an evolutionist, nor do I play drums in the muppet's orchestra. Let me explain....

Over the years of growing up around animals, working with animals and even having the ambition of being a zoo keeper for a few years, I learned a few things about animals.

(1) They make themselves big and scary when scared.

When I am scared, I try and look my biggest, scariest, all coping, all on top of things self.

(2) When they are hurt, they hide.

When I am hurting I retreat from everyone, including (perhaps especially) from those who can help me most. Including God.

How many animals have snarled at me or hidden themselves when they were hurt or scared?

How many cowered away from me as I held out a healing hand?

The scars I bear from bites and scratches are a result of pain and fear. Not mine, but theirs.

As I puff myself up to look all powerful, all coping - the perfect SuperMum, Uber-wife, stellar homemaker,
As I slip away to hide my pains, fears, insecurities,

May I remember that HIS scars are a result of HIM reaching out to ME.

May I remember what HE promises about my weaknesses.

May I let HIM help ME.

Tame me Oh Lord, with your gentle touch - because I truly am a bit of an animal.

Tame me with YOUR hand and help me to recognise YOU as the safest place I can be.

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