Sunday, March 08, 2009

She's getting better!

I cut out the dairy foods on Thursday night and started applying cocnut oil to Anna's excema every nappy change on Friday night - and it is getting better! the recovery has been amazing. I suspect she may have reacted to me eating dairy as I did the same at her age (over my head though, not all over my face). Unfortunately this means I may be off dairy until she is weaned (somewhere around the 18 month mark if she's like the others) and we need to provide non-dairy options or goat milk options for Anna. I already miss chocolate, brie, icecream, CHOCOLATE MILK! But the sight of her little eyelids raw, red and swollen from the excema and her face cracked and bleeding is enough to make me happy to give it up. Plus, I have been trying to loose weight here. I now want to get some goats but the logistics of this may be interesting - it will need some thinking about. I much prefer goat milk to rice milk though!

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