Thursday, March 19, 2009

24 hours in the life of...

7am.. woke up and fed Anna then hit the ground running to get everyone dressed and ready for
Little learners

9am Walked across the road to Little Learners leaving porridge on the dining room floor - but
everyone was dressed! Discussed the last bits of playgroup dissolution and supervised the
kids while they had a ball playing with various activities and toys. Anna slept over my arm.

10:30 took everyone home and removed Billy's wet pants (activities too fun to stop to go to the
toilet!) came out to find Christopher face down on the floor slurping up porridge! Cleaned
everyone up and fed Anna while making phone calls.

11:45 ate lunch, did scripture, had songs and prayers and put boys to bed

1:30 started Erin on schoolwork while I cleaned

1:45 removed very disgusting nappy from Billy and put him in the bath while I cleaned his bed
without waking Christopher. Erin went outside to sketch sheep for her nature journal (we
are studying mammals at the moment). Put Billy back to bed and continued cleaning.

2:30 Printed out some materials for Erin's alphabet books and checked e-mail etc. while I fed
Anna. Got the boys up and changed all the little ones. Put on TV for kids.
Continued cleaning.

3:45 Had our refined afternoon tea of chocolate crackles, peppermint tea and poetry! I love

4:30 went into hyper drive cleaning and tidying. Made little headway :S

5pm Osteopath arrived to fix my back. He made me about three inches taller when he fixed my
neck I'm sure!

6pm Fed Anna who had been abusing Jon for not lactating for at least 15 minutes. Put 4 kids
through the bath and washed Christopher's hair as Billy had tried to "re-pot" him in a pot
plant while nobody was watching. Put Anna back to bed

730 Reheated some leftovers and fed the kids, did the bedtime routine thing. Kids finally got to
bed a little after 8:30 and started tea for Beloved and I (we usually eat as a family, but we
decided to have an extra "date night" because there weren't enough leftovers!).

10pm Ate tea and then dozed off in the arm chair with my plate still on my lap.

10:45 FINALLY convinced myself to wake up. Had a shower and loaded the dishwasher. Put
some porridge in the crockpot for breakfast.

11:30 went to bed

4:30 Fed Anna and finished tidying the kitchen, giving it a thorough clean and caught up on a bit
of ironing.

6:30 took Beloved a coffee and woke him up with a big cuddle and kiss then snuggled for an hour

Know what? I loved every minute of it! Well, maybe not the nappy part, but over all it was a great day!


Momma Bug said...

Where do you get all that energy?! I can't remember energy.
I remember running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, but that is not the same as energy.
Panic maybe, but energy - no.
I sure like you Jess. If it's all right with you, I'm asking God to let me be your neighbor some day.
I think it's a real possibility! ;-)

Jess said...

Tassie is a wonderful place and you'll love Mole Creek ;) failing that, I'll meet you by the river!

As for the energy - did you notice I fell asleep in the arm chair?? Or that I didn't get ANY laundry done?? I so wish sleep was optional *sigh* or that I could draw on stores from when I used to have only one and take naps at the same time Erin did!

Jess said...

Oh, and I don't run, not my thing. Maybe that's where the energy comes from? :P