Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do you ever have one of those weeks.....

Where you find your youngest son eating a tub of margarine with your hair brush, you drop about 2 litres of your experemental non-dairy pancake batter on the floor, the cleaner retires, you decide to rearrange the furniture and find all the plaster dust the cleaner missed, your youngest daughter has a reaction to dairy so you can't eat chocolate, milk, cheese, butter - or anything else yummy anymore - because you're breastfeeding, you sleep through every single alarm you set for yourself, your best intentions of getting to bed early result in getting to bed after midnight nearly every night, your back and neck go 'out' to complement your hips and pelvis which never went back 'in', the phone always rings just when you are elbow deep in nappy changing....

I have!

lucky I have a sense of humor!!!


Momma Bug said...

So I just have to ask, how often do you HAVE a week like that?!!! HA!

I've got my own version, but it can wait till another day;-)

I like your new look, and new picture. You sure look great for having fallen off the wagon! I am going the other direction, eating enough for an army, have surely gained between ten and fifteen pounds already (week 12), and all this with no end in sight!
Ah well... small price to pay for a sweet little baby in the end. Lord willing, that is:-)

Hope the new week is a little more relaxed!

Jess said...

I think the question is how often do I NOT have a week like that :P I just went into the kids room to put Christopher to bed and found Billy has "decorated" with bits of florist's oasis :S The baby in the photo is Christopher so it must be a little old. Having to go off dairy will hopefully have an effect on the waistline. You have good reason to be bulking up now ;) Take care!