Thursday, February 12, 2009


We are trying to get back into routine now with school work and afternoon tea on Wednesdays etc. Overall we are doing really well! Just a quick update this week.

Is officially four and a half! Last Thursday was her "unbirthday". We celebrate the half way point between birthdays as unbirthdays, where we have cake and give special thanks and blessings. Erin had vanilla butter cupcakes with lemon icing and sprinkles, made using the cook book and silicone muffin pans that Nana Julie bought for Christmas. We also made cookies today to eat at our weekly afternoon tea, cut out using alphabet cookie cutters. We made the names of each member of the family. So Erin has been cooking a fair bit this week, as well as doing school work again, giving us lots of special time together.

has been sleeping for almost three hours each afternoon BUT he is much, much better over all. I think there may be a bit of a growth spurt happening which means he just needs more sleep than usual. He is still a bit emotional, but this has also improved with a bit of clamping down. His work ethic is still amazing though. I asked him this morning to tidy up the toys out in the yard and he did a fantastic job all by himself.

is officially WALKING. Well, staggering. He does tend to look a little like he has been on the drink as we weaves his way across the room, but it is happening. Looking forward to the day when he doesn't want to be carried around everywhere anymore - but let's face it, that may not happen for another five years! He is still giving Anna the loveliest big sloppy kisses and cuddles whenever he can.

is doing beautifully. Growing very quickly and a happy, placid baby most of the time. She usually wakes up during her daytime naps after about 45 minutes (one sleep cycle) but after about three minutes of grumping, she goes back to sleep and she sleeps for 5-6 hour stretches overnight. Yes, I know, I am very, very spoilt!

The house:
is fine other than the portacot full of clean laundry that needs folding! I let that get a little out of control. The house itself is fine though, I am very much giving thanks that we can afford to have Sarah come over and clean every Monday though, I would struggle if that weren't the case.


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