Monday, February 23, 2009

And we fell off the wagon...

I am so far off the wagon this week I can't even see it's dust!

It all started when Beloved bought home 4 chocolate chip buns. Now I could have said to myself "Oh, I will just give them to the kids seeing as I am 'under contract' at the moment" Or even "I will pop these in the freezer to bring out on Wednesday for afternoon tea" but do you know what I did? I ate them. All of them. Let's just say this is typical of the choices I made this week and my body would be completely within it's rights to sue me for breech of contract! So here I go, climbing on the wagon again, reminding myself of how good it feels once I'm doing it!

I'm recycling last weeks goals, which were perfectly obtainable....

Walk to the post office three times this week
Use my exercise videos three times this week
Take iron daily
Restrict yummy treats to Wednesday afternoon tea and Sabbath Meals
Snack only on raw fruit and veg
Drink at least 1.5L per day
Do Kegel Exercises twice a day

One challenge I am facing is the fact that Anna sleeps 6-10 hours a night now. "Challenge?" you snort, yes it's a challenge. You see I USED that time when she woke up early to do some jobs and work out. This morning she woke up at 7:30, ten minutes before the other kids. Alarm clocks don't work for me unless they wake up a child (yes, I've even tried setting them accross the room) so I will have to do some thinking on this one!

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