Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Family Ministry

As part of our family ministry we have a prayer box. It is a small box with index cards in it. On each card there is something or someone we are praying for as a family. Each meal, we choose a card from the box and pray for the person, people or ministry on that card. We have our immediate family (the kids get a kick out of having their own name come up!), our extended family, friends, neighbours, communities, countries, missionaries, outreach projects and groups of people (we have just added those touched by the Victorian bushfires). This helps us remember (it is easy to forget to pray for those you don't see often or those who aren't in the headlines anymore) and gives us a powerful ministry. I don't know how many times I rang an old friend or family member because their name 'came up' and it turned out that they really DID need the prayers at that time! It also cultivates a love for others and a heart for mission work in the children.

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