Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finding Time

I have managed to find a way to get some more jobs done in my day, spend quality time with Beloved AND work in a morning nap!

Here's how:

After Anna's 5am-5:30am feed, I get up.

Now I love getting up early in the morning, the solitude, the sunrise, the crisp cool etc. You know, the only thing I like more than getting up early is STAYING IN BED! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I bring a whole new meaning to the words "NOT a morning person".

But I have made a deal with myself, get up and do just one thing and then you can go back to bed. So I do and half the time I end up doing more than one thing once I am up and rolling. Because everyone else is asleep and I have no extra "helpers" I get things done a lot faster. It also gives me quiet time to pray, meditate on scripture or just plan my day in my head.

Sometime before 7am I make Beloved a coffee and take it back to bed, climb back in beside him and give him a cuddle. A whole lot nicer to wake up to than the alarm! Sometimes we chat, other times I go straight back to sleep for an hour or so before the kids need to get up and going. I need more sleep because we very often don't get to bed until late (we're both night owls) and I am feeding Anna through the night. I also know that I need to get up early, so I've started to think outside the square.

This works for me for now, things will change over the next few months and years and I dare say I will do things differently, but this works for now. Thinking outside the square is what will work for me long term.

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Angie said...

Wow! I've struggled with this for years. It is so hard for me to get up and get my day going, but when I'm up before the kids things go so much better.
Look forward to reading more!

TasJess said...

allowing myself to go back to bed is the key for me Angie, and having to get up and feed the baby! This morning I nearly went straight back to bed after feeding Anna because I was so groggy but I told myself that I could go back to bed after I set the washing machines going. Then I ended up setting the washing machines going, cleaning the kitchen, working out and doing some ironing before going back to bed. The day has gone so much smoother because of it!