Monday, February 16, 2009

First contract week

Prayer Requests:

You may have noticed the "Pray for Mercy" button on the right hand side of the blog (scroll down if you can't see it). This is to ask for prayers for Mercy Peterson who has a large Hemangioma and other problems as a symptom of PHACE syndrome. I am a regular reader of her family Blog, Home of the Peterson Clan, and have been praying for this little girl for a while. Her Mum has sent out a request for any and all prayers as they face the ongoing medical, emotional, spiritual and practical challenges in store for them.

The Lockwood Family continue to need prayers as they face the challenges of a very tricky pregnancy! Placenta completely covering the cervix and growing into an old c-section scar. This with the challenges of having to settle in back in the USA (they had been in Mexico as missionaries for many years until this pregnancy caused them to have to move temporarily) and raising their other 11 children.

Close to my heart and home are the victims of the Victorian Bushfires who are homeless, grieving for loved ones and/or injured. This will take many years to even superficially heal, whole communities have been wiped out. Check out this Etsy Shop that is fundraising for bushfire victims. Also, the victims of the Queensland flood. Especially the parents of the little boy who is thought to have been taken by a crocodile.

And closest is my Big Bro who is still healing from surgery and a marriage break up. Thankfully, his home has not been touched by the fires. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Well, this is the end of the week. It seems a little trivial after the big prayer requests, but it is part of stweardship of the baby making machine God entrusted me with! And I have to confess, I think my goals weren't quite as realistic as I first thought!

Ride the exercise bike for 20 minutes four times this week............Um, oops, not once!

Walk to the post office four times this week (weather permitting)...
.....yes I did do this one

Use my exercise videos three times this week.
..........I only managed twice

Take my iron supplement every day to build up my Iron stores.
.......yes, did it!

Restrict yummy treats to Wednesday Afternoon tea and Sabbath meals...
.I went to playgroup on Thursday and there was a lady there with some slice and, well, she may have been offended if I didn't at least TRY some. I also need to get into a 12 step program for my addiction to chocolate milk, it was only by sheer will power that I only slipped once!

Snack only on raw fruit and vegetables
......I managed this one too, but we are running very short on carrots now! It wasn't easy, I found myself looking wistfully at the peanut butter a lot!

Drink at least 1.5L of water per day
.............I only missed this two days out of the week

Kegel Exercises twice a day..............did it!

Overall, I do feel like I am starting to make SOME progress toward NOT being the saggy baggy elephant and I can feel my tummy and back muscles starting to get back to normal, even get some tone back, which will make the next pregnancy MUCH more comfortable (I hope!).

Next weeks goals (a little more realistic perhaps?)

Walk to the post office three times this week
Use my exercise videos three times this week
Take iron daily
Restrict yummy treats to Wednesday afternoon tea and Sabbath Meals
Snack only on raw fruit and veg
Drink at least 1.5L per day
Do Kegel Exercises twice a day

And last of all, a link to an interesting interview with a mother of 20 - and people say MY family is large!! While I don't share her theology, the faith evident in her words and her passion for her children draw me to her!

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