Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Knick Knacks

Over the years I had collected quite a few knick knacks. I hadn't actually BOUGHT any of them. Most of them were gifts that were kept and put on display out of respect for the giver or tokens to remember a certain time in our lives (i.e. a couple of items from our wedding that we hadn't really liked on the day anyway!). Before Christopher was born, in a bid to streamline my home making, I did something drastic (and some would say obvious). I got rid of them!

I have actual memories from those important times in our lives, I don't really feel the need for mementos. Plus, rather than feeling guilt about the build up of dust and spider webs around these things, I would rather reflect on the memories and thoughtfulness they represent while someone who had the time, energy and inclination enjoyed the actual items! I did feel a little worried that I would hurt the feelings of those who gave me the gifts, but those who noticed did seem to understand. I did keep a few items, this was my criteria for keeping something.

Something was kept if:
...Beloved wanted to keep it. It isn't nice to throw out his stuff when he's not looking!
...I loved looking at it enough to maintain it regularly. A small crystal squirrel my Grandfather bought for me in Switzerland met this criterion. had a practical application. A few items that work as book ends were kept for this reason.

Even these items are packed away at the moment due to plaster dust, lack of display surfaces and the fact that we are in a very busy season of our lives.

I'm also replacing some items with easier care versions. I was given a few 'fancy' picture frames over the years. They take a fair bit of dusting, so I am replacing them with some nice, matching, plain picture frames soon which actually display the pictures to much better effect!

SO, if you don't love it, get rid of it. If you do love it but you are in a busy season (renovation, new babies etc.) pack it away to enjoy later. Don't get trapped into bondage with STUFF.

If you have enough stuff for display to warrant it, consider things like display cases which can limit the need for dusting.

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Monica said...

Very good advice! I am learning the rules of "If you don't love or don't use it regularly, don't keep it"

Mother Hen said...

Exactly! You can take a picture and save the picture, then recycle the actual item.