Monday, February 02, 2009

multiple myths

To the concerned community member, well meaning family member, worried church member, stranger on the street,

Let me just bust a few myths for you, it being mythbuster Monday an' all.

I know how it happens.

My uterus is not going to fall out if I have another baby in the next 18 months.

I am (relatively) fit, healthy and young with straightforward, insanely easy, pregnancies and deliveries. If you have any ACTUAL basis for these mythological "things" that can go wrong having "so many" kids "too close", I would be interested to hear it. Otherwise, your concern, while appreciated, is completely without basis and just a little annoying.

I know the birth control options. In fact, I have thoroughly researched the various immoral, messy, inconvenient, unreliable and downright annoying options there are out there AND their side effects. The choice of what we use is none of anyone's business except my husband, mine and God's. Thank you for your interest.

No, I don't believe non-abortificant means of birth control are sin. No, I'm not judging you for having less children than I do. You'd be surprised how little attention I pay to those around me, I really am quite self-involved!

Yes, I really did mean to fall pregnant last time.

I really do like the idea of more kids.

I kinda wasn't joking when I said 14 is a really good number.

No really, think about it, it is the perfect number (seven) times TWO, isn't that cool?

Plus, it is possible that I'm a TEENY bit competitive and the idea of having the most kids of anyone we know kinda appeals to me. The same way I was stoked when Christopher was over ten pound. It is the same part of me that wants to win the "biggest pumpkin" comp at the local agricultural show.

I would be just as happy and content if Beloved decided we were done having kids now, a tiny bit disappointed for a while, but not devastated (as Beloved put it "Honey, you'd be disappointed if we had twelve and decided to stop then" - well, 14 IS a nice number! Two for each day of the week!)

Hang on, I got sidetracked, where was I? Myths.

I am not living off your taxes by having so many kids. We pay more in tax than we receive in benefits. It is likely my kid's taxes will help support your retirement. You're welcome!

No, my body isn't 'shot to pieces'. Beloved finds my stretch marks kinda sexy, given we made them together! Thank you for your elegantly put enquiries about my health and fitness, I'm not particularly interested in discussing my pelvic floor with you right now. Ever, in fact.

Being that my mother is a Psych Nurse and has worked in the mental health industry in some form or other most of my life, I have some grasp of the definition of "insane". My choices in terms of number of offspring or the spacing thereof doesn't tip the balance either way.

So there ya go,

another Mythbuster Monday bought to you by Jess!


beansntatersmama said...

God bless you and yours, I only have three but we heard alot of crap over the third and then when the mention of the fourth came up people freaked. It does my heart good to know that there are other people out there who love their kids so much they can't really see themselves withour angie

Momma Bug said...


Although... I DO prefer it when the hormones take on that "put-em-in-their-place" fightin' words kind of manifestation rather than the "I'm-so-tired-I-could-sleep-all-day"
I hope when people talk smack to
me, that I'm in the first state of mind!


Love to you Jess!

TasJess said...

Most of the time I just laugh and shake my head, I find engaging people in this particular conversation gives them 'permission' to air their opinions on a matter which, frankly, is none of their business! I do get a build up occassionally of come backs though.

Linda said...

I actually got a lecture by a midwife after my last one. Having a nurse in the family would be a huge bonus.

TasJess said...

That's a bit rich Linda! My midwife rang me today just to see how I'm going and in the course of the conversation she said "I think it is just lovely to be open to however many the Lord would bless you with!" I love my midwife! She has a friend who just had twins - her tenth and eleventh children - so that puts my four into perspective I guess!