Thursday, February 26, 2009

I realised it's been a fortnight or so since the last update, whoops! Life has been happening at a furious rate lately. Nothing major, just every day stuff being all consuming for a bit.

has discovered her tidy gene since the beginning of Project Black Box. She pushed the boundaries on this one on the second or third night, fiddling around and playing and even getting MORE toys out when she had been given time to tidy up. We filled the box to the top PLUS 2 garbage bags of stuff going to charity - overflow goes to charity, no exceptions. The room was very sparse after that and there have only been a few nights where anything was left on the floor at bed time. She is slowly earning things out of the box by keeping things tidy and values her toys a lot more now! Handing her the responsibility has made me a lot happier and more relaxed and taught her far more than if I was still cleaning up for her.

took a layer of skin of his nose and forehead this morning at playgroup and bit his tongue hard enough to make it bleed yesterday. It hasn't slowed him down much though! He seems to go non-stop until he sleeps these days. Since he was born really! Maybe even before that.... Anyway, I weighed him the other day and he still hasn't put on much (if any) weight since January's Great Gastro Adventure. But he is much happier and his stamina has picked up so I am just going to watch and wait now. A bit of training was/is warranted to deal with the grizzling, but we are making progress with that. I wish I was as consistent as Beloved where that type of thing is concerned. I have an awful habit of forgetting!

is going back to the Dr. soon because his back is a mass of excema. I am trying most of the natural remedies I know after the steroid cream not doing much (I need to get some coconut oil, flax seed oil and apple cider vinegar) but it is still progressing. It itches and he scratches himself bloody on the back of the neck the poor love, in spite of his nails being cut short. He is walking beautifully now (at last!) and his vocabulary is expanding, the favourite word still being Anna!

is still gaining a pound a fortnight, sleeping 6-10 hours a night straight and being the most delightful little baby girl on the face of the earth! For some reason she thinks the diagonal pine on the wall next to her nappy change trolley is HILARIOUS! She coos and laughs at it every time I change her nappy, even if she was cranky a moment before hand. I have no idea what she sees in it, I think it is ugly, but she gets so much pleasure from it, it will almost be a shame to get rid of it.

The house:
now has a partially sealed floor in the front study! Beloved finished putting it in and put the first coat of sealant on it on Sunday. We just need to rewire the house then we can put the plaster up in the study and MOVE THE BOXES out of the living area!!!!! Yay! We will also be able to make a start on The Shed which is the next big project. Laundry got a little bit away from me with some days too hot and disorganised for me to get it out, in and folded away. I am getting back on top though fairly easily. I wish I was just one of these people who can naturally keep things tidy without seeming to even think about it, but I am not. My natural state is controlled chaos. With each child though, I have become more and more organised. I am hoping that by number 10 I will have myself sorted out!

Do you know what I did this week? Weeded! I look forward to doing more of it, because believe me more needs to happen. I said to beloved that if anyone asks what I want for my birthday, to tell them I want mulch, compost or gravel. If I get anything else for inside the house I am libel to cry - especially if it needs to be stored or cleaned - but stuff for the garden will make me happy!


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