Tuesday, February 03, 2009


We survived the heat - just. Sarah-the-saint told me she measured 43 degrees C in her back yard at 4pm last Friday. There should be laws against that type of heat! We tried to escape it on Saturday afternoon by going for a drive (the car has air conditioning). As we got into Launceston the electrics in the car went haywire - no air conditioning. Long story short, we finally got home at about 10:30pm that night, exhausted, hot, overtired and looking very much forward to a shower!

would be happy if we could go swimming every day! Unfortunately, it has been too hot to take the little ones out lately but I am hoping to take her to the pool again one day very soon. School work is very irregular at the moment while we smooth out the bumps of having 4 kids in the home, but she thoroughly enjoys it when it happens. I HAVE to change nappies on the babies etc. but because she is older it is easier to let one on one time slip where Erin is concerned. School work is one of her special times at the moment.

is still pushing the limits on a daily basis, and still finding them! I'm not unconvinced that there is some link to him still not being 100% and I will be happy once he has regained a little weight, but in the mean time I am not going to start letting him get away with stuff. A kid who looks for the limits and doesn't find them, in my experience, is much harder to deal with than a child who frequently tests the limits!

continues limited forays into the world of walking, but crawling remains his main method of self-propulsion. I sometimes wonder if the move and the limited space has anything to do with him being slower to walk. He is physically capable though and climbs better than some four year olds so I am not too worried about him! He is LOUDLY playing peek-a-boo with his reflection in the lid of the lap-top at the moment.

has gained a pound in her first fortnight of life on the outside! She is filling out, has a real belly button, almost completely stopped getting colic/reflux and is smiling. She is already growing up too quickly for my liking! She is still doted on by all.

The house:
is in need of a little TLC in the form of fridge cleaning out expeditions and one or two "hot spots" that need addressing. The laundry also slipped behind whilst it was too hot to hang out anything. BUT the bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen are still clean (except for the fridge) and order is still the main theme. I can't wait to have things more unpacked and sorted. I am strongly considering making it a rule that if something new comes in, something old HAS to go out until we have more space because I feel like I am drowning in STUFF. I got given some ornaments when I had Anna which are going to have to find a different home. I don't really DO ornaments anyway and the fact that we are going to be combating plaster dust again soon and there aren't really any display surfaces anyway means that they would have to be packed into a box somewhere and would probably not be displayed for another five years, if ever.

The Garden:
Beloved has fixed my gardening fork. When the weather gets a bit cooler, watch out weeds!


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