Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Plan of action

As yet I am still totally unaware of how long I will be in Melbourne but suspect it is more like days than weeks - YAY!!

However, I do want to take advantage of all you lovely people who are offering me help. My problem is I would rather cuddle my baby and lactate than trawl through the offers of increadable and awesome help to find someone who can bring me what I need.


Bek is my pit crew chief in Melbourne - my Doc Hudson for the Cars fans out there.

If I want/need something I will call Bek. Bek will then find someone who can change my oil, fill my tank or give me new tires while I sit and bliss out with my baby. Isn't that FANTASTIC?!?!? I am amazingly blessed. Bek has been my friend for well over a decade and it is showing up as a decade well spent.


All you melbournites who have offered help. Bek's email is: shaneandbekah(at)hotmail(dot)com - obviously change the (at) to @ and the (dot) to .

Currently Bek is about to bring me a Bible and some fresh clothes. Specific needs/wants/whims include raspberry leaf tea (just plain please, not mixed with other herbs) an Avent dummy, brewer's yeast, flax oil, a bag for me to stash stuff in to take home on the plane when I go, nuts to munch on and a story book for me to read to my beautiful girl.

I am a user at the moment people, all you're likely to get back is a smile and a wave but know thanks is coming from the bottom of my heart. It is just that my total energy, attention and affection is on my little girl (who I just cuddled for over an hour *bliss*), my husband and my other kids.

God bless you all!


kate said...

Just wanting to cheer you on! Kaylee is blessed to have such a strong and devoted Mother. We are cheering for both of you (and the rest of your beautiful family).

Bek Ross said...

I am honoured to be your pit crew chief.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Bek is good at being a leader of various things (just ask her about D. Inc from our highschool years! lol)
Relish the time that you have to devote specifically to Kaylee. And we don't mind one bit if your needs need to be met without thanks right now. We know how you feel.
Praising God for eyes that open and look at their Mummy, for more abundant milk and praying for more sleep for you.
S xox

DaughterofEve said...

So glad things are looking up. :)

Leisa - LMD said...

I'm so glad you have some support in melbourne Jess. Enjoy your time with precious little Kaylee!

Anna said...

Sounds like a damn good plan Jess!

Bek Ross said...

Thank you all for your donations and support. We now have the bible, some clothes, raspberry leaf tea, Avent dummy, brewer's yeast, flax oil, story books, keffir seeds, fresh home cooked/baked foods, and (cheeky snigger) a mobile beautician booked.

On top of that I have received four separate deposits and cash drops that reach into the hundreds. There are also requests for the address for the hospital for people to send packages direct to Jess. Here it is for others.

C/- Kaylee Guest,
Royal Childrens Hospital,
Flemington Road,

I am continuously being blessed by people reaching out to help Jess and Kaylee (AND the kids back home!!!) God is so good. This little Kaylee is being loved by so many people.

Jess said...

Bek has proved to be worth her weight in gold. Thank you all! Please don't burn out Bek, slow down!! Make sure you prioritise your own family because I will need you in the months - and perhaps years - to come