Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I want to testify of God's Love

I have been finding it hard to sleep.

Yesterday was LONG and HARD. It was good to get out of PICU and into Cardio but I had to learn and absorb a LOT and had no time for any sleep whatsoever. Not great when trying to establish a milk supply. By the time I got to bed I was crying with exhaustion and shaking from head to foot but it still took 3/4 hour to get to sleep. I awoke at 2am and decided to express. I found my favourite spot and set up, with my netbook open so I could read the e-mails the children sent to me - a treat I had not had time for as yet. While I was reading and expressing I was flooded with a warm love for them. I expressed 80ml. The previous milking session had only given 35 ml. The oxytocin produced in my body by feeling their love has made milk for our baby and helped me relax.

Be anxious in nothing, but in everything give thanks.

What a good God to give me such an amazing family.

Praise God.

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