Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is leaving on a jet plane...

Flying out to Hobart this afternoon. Praise God!! Will probably head up to Launceston when Kaylee's antibiotics have finished (about two weeks). I will see my husband tonight.

Closer to home.


Seaweed and Raine said...

Those are some of the sweetest words I have read all week (even though you phoned and told me earlier - it's still awesome to read them!). I am so excited for you all!!! :)
Blessings and safe travel.
S xx

skimbly said...

Ohhh, that is just fantastic! What great news! I'll continue to pray for you.

Momma Bug said...

Look at her! Just beautiful.
What a trooper.

Thank you Lord!
My heart is with you dear ones.


Vanessa - Adelaide, South Australia said...

Wonderful news, Jess xxx

Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Wow! Does little Kaylee have a full head of hair? How delightful!

So glad to hear that you guys are on the way home.

In Him,