Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homeward bound again

Tomorrow they are putting a peripheral line in and taking Kaylee's central line out so that we can go to Launceston to finish the antibiotics. This is FANTASTIC news! Please pray that all goes well and we are able to head up on Friday as planned.

Another step closer to home!

Things are getting busier for me in some ways now that Kaylee is more well. I can be much more hands on in terms of her daily care. The faster I become proficient in caring for her daily needs and understanding the signs to watch out for with her, the faster we can go home. It is all dependent on how well she takes her feeds, how stable her heart condition is and how well I am able to cope with everything and the only one of those I can do anything about is my coping abilities so I am doing everything I can about that! Things will also be getting busy when we get back to Launceston as I arrange various early intervention stuff, set up paediatrician visits and visits with other various specialists to deal with Kaylee's various needs and try and help Jon set up the house for us to come home to.

One thing, trivial really, that has made me a little sad is the loss of Kaylee's special hair clips. I had a little white paper bag with some beautiful hand made hair clips with little strawberries, bows, flowers and various other things on them plus three that had lovely little flowers that were identical except for the colours (red, white and pink) for my three girls to wear matching. Unfortunately, I have managed to loose them somewhere between the hospital and Ronald McDonald house. These were very special to me because in the early days when Kaylee was not able to wear clothes due to the type of monitoring she needed putting clips in her hair was one thing that made me feel like the Mummy. I shall have to save up and buy some more down the track.

All is going well over all. I am exhausted but not quite so overwhelmed as I was.

I am praying that things go well and I am in Launceston for Christopher's fourth birthday!

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Danielle Seadon said...

That's such exciting news for you and the family Jess! X Love Dani