Monday, September 19, 2011

A full day

It has been a full and busy day.

We start around 6am with breakfast, expressing and catching up with the night staff before they go. Then we plunge full on into specialists, tests, coordinating future support, learning about the various issues that Kaylee faces, having some time skin to skin, keeping in touch with Jon and support people, trying to remember to eat. I feel like I am running most of the time. I had a moment to sit out in the garden with Bek as we planned various support things and it was heaven. But then we were back into it. As it was, I missed the speech pathologist and didn't get time to give Kaylee her first bath.

It will be at least two weeks before we head back to Launceston. We will not be going home until Kaylee goes from continuous feeds to 3 hourly feeds - which she is not tolerating at the moment (silently vomits larger feeds then chokes) so we are working on a plan for that. I am starting to learn about tube feeding as Kaylee will probably still be tube fed at home. I take moments to write to my children and put photos up on facebook so they can see what is happening. I express and express and express.

Then in the evening, when the elevator crush has thinned and the bustle of the ward has slowed I take my daughter out for a cuddle. She starts rooting around looking for a feed. I offer her the breast and she spent TWENTY MINUTES having a go at latching savouring drops of magic milk and snuggling. I asked my nurse if I could take some now obsolete sticky stuff off her face and did. I changed her nappy and then we removed the drip in her foot. I took photo after photo. I wrapped her all by myself. I put her booties on. I felt like a "normal" Mum for a moment.

So at 1am I am updating you because although the day was full with many things, those are the moments that make it worth while. Gold with diamonds


DaughterofEve said...

Totally, absolutely, utterly AWESOME!!

Char said...

Yay for special moments!