Friday, May 15, 2009

Who I am...part 2

Who I am is closely linked with what I believe.

I have been slow to write a statement of beliefs on here as such posts seem to attract googlesperts and divisive people on other blogs, but I doubt many such people frequent this blog.

So, what do I believe?

I believe that I need Jesus and all He so graciously offers.

I believe that I am so in need of His Grace, every day I understand just how deep this need is a little more.

I believe the Bible is the true and infallible Word of God, meant for teaching, rebuking, and correcting me and training me in the ways of righteousness

I believe nothing that I do or say can add to the gift of grace.

I believe that little by little every day, little by little in every way, Jesus is changing me.

Now for the doctrine stuff.

What "brand" am I?

I affiliate myself with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but do not believe this affiliation means that I should check in my brain at the door, but that I should continue to maintain a direct line with God and His Word, testing all spirits.

Do you hold a Quiverfull Conviction (a belief that all women should receive children eagerly as blessings from God, eschewing all forms of birth control, including natural family planning and sterilization.)? Do you keep having kids because you think birth control is a sin?

No I do not hold a quiverfull conviction. My thoughts on this subject are very close to a particularly articulate blog post written by Amy over at Amy's Humble Musings. I've also touched on this before. The short version of my beliefs is: I receive each of my children as a gift from God. I am thrilled to receive each, blessed with wonderful pregnancies and births I see no reason to down or stop that outweigh the reasons I have for keeping on going! But one arrow, shot straight, won the Battle of Hastings. I believe that the most important thing I need to do as a parent, is raise my babies to God's Glory.

Do you think homeschooling is required to raise Godly children?

I love homeschooling and I am passionate about it. But no, in almost 20 years of close contact with homeschooling (observer, student and teacher) I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of homeschooling. I believe homeschooling is what my family has been called to do, I don't really have time to think about what other people should do to tell the truth. I am quite self involved that way!

So here is a little more of who I am, what I believe.
Thank-you again for stopping by!


Momma Bug said...

It's nice to get to know you a little better Jess. It astounds me (I have no idea why) that there are people everywhere in the world who know the same God I do. Perhaps better than I do, or a little differently, but the same I AM. It makes me long for heaven as never before in my life!
The longer I live the more I realize how little I understand of God and how He works. If there's one thing I'm more sure of it's that I cannot put a box around God. That's a relief don't you think?! It's nice to know He doesn't need my permission to operate as gives Him pleasure.

Love ya!

Jess said...

Yes, I don't think I would really want to worship a God I could fit in a box or who did as He was told! It's much better with Him in charge! Nice to know we know the same Lord, I too look forward to hanging out in heaven! There are a few blog authors I'd love to chat to in between talking to Queen Esther and Polycarp!

Anonymous said...

We have worshipped with many different affiliations over the years, one of which was the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The common denominator is God, and regardless of what we believe, He doesn't change.

For now, we are worshipping with the Mid-North Bible Christian Church, but most importantly, we are worshipping the one true God in spirit and in truth.

God's blessings,

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Hebrews 11:6