Tuesday, May 05, 2009

He adores me, he adornes me

Like I wear the $99 "dress ring" that we bought so many years ago.
Both of us students, broke, the shop assistant sniffing at us "that's a DRESS ring, not an ENGAGEMENT ring!", us seeing forever in the tiny diamond chips and the sapphire.

That is how I wear the flowers and leaves his firstborn son brings me in my hair.
Autumn colours, lawn daisies, dandelions, clutched in a grubby hand with offerings of "some leaves and flowers for your hair Mum".

Marveling at the beauty, but marveling more of the giver.

So should I marvel at this robe of righteousness, this Armour of the Lord.

Given to me, by one who adores me.

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Momma Bug said...

Oh Jess...

I needed that today.