Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quickest update ever

Erin: making enormous progress with reading yet again after getting over a little slump. Will blog properly about that.....one day

Billy: can whistle. I know, he's so grown up!

Christopher: is joined at the hip with his stuffed monkey who looks hilariously like him.

Anna: has a temper. Watch her explode with frustration when she drops something or someone puts her down when she wants to be UP!! Funny and scary all at the same time.

(Lord, one day, can I have a weak willed one, just to see what it's like? No? OK, just thought I'd ask)

House: needs me, hence the speed post. Not too bad, but needs getting to before it does get too bad.

Garden: Jon has a ride on mower, yard looking like a yard rather than a junk heap for the first time since we moved in. All those wheel barrows of rubbish taken out, chopping back, chopping down, weeding etc. are starting to come together.


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