Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Chore Bingo - tip

I find it hard to find a whole hour where I don't get interrupted these days, especially one where everyone is awake! So my cleaning hour kinda doesn't work anymore. So instead I have made a chart with each chore that needs to be done on a weekly or fortnightly basis. I try and do one or more a day and when I do one I colour it in. When they are all coloured in, BINGO! I get a new chore sheet - lucky me. No, really, I get a cleaner house than I had before and a family who is that little more comfortable!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
That sounds like a great way to get the chores done!

Fortunately for us, the children are old enough to be able to clean their own bedrooms properly, and to lend a hand to clean other areas. My husband does the majority of the housework, though, because I can't.

Have a wonderful week, well what's left of it.

Jess said...

I am looking forward to the day when the kids can manage a bigger slice of the jobs. Beloved is a bit to busy with the renos and work to help out with housework so since the cleaner retired the other month, I'm it!

alecat said...

Lots of littlies make it tricky, hey?
I'm not an advocate of fairies (but that's me!), however I did find a few ideas on the House Fairy site useful.
Especially little chores like, today we're going to clean up on top of your dresser to make it pretty. Or, quickly run to your bedrooms and find 15 pieces of rubbish that need to go to the bin. Something simple, and as fun as possible, each day.
Smockity Frocks also had a fun idea of using marbles which I thought was great, but I think my children are getting too old for such games. Here's the link if you cut and paste:

Jess said...

Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.